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Education is something that makes a man worth living in the world. The ability to read, and write is not education, its literacy. They both are different from one another. People tend to mix them up but we need to understand how education is not only about being able to read and write, it’s far beyond that. Education is a whole process of learning various things around us, it is being trained in some skill set, it is being able to produce and represent what we feel and interpret, and being literate and what we study in schools is also a part of education.

Numerous opportunities:

Education can be moral, spiritual, academic, etc. It is surely a key to success and opens numerous doors of opportunities for a person. It enables people to think, behave, and act in a certain way that suits his/her needs and conscience as well as society. Ever since a child is born, education becomes a part of his life. It shapes his personality, behavior, and nature, and makes him a good person. I believe education is something that remains with the human being from his birth till death. And every person should have the right to gain an education.


Today, we see lots of crimes happening all around the world, one main reason is the lack of education and its proper use. Sometimes people are educated but they don’t know what is right and what is wrong for them as well as for society. Hence, everyone should be provided with the right resources for education and at a very young age, kids should also be told how to channel it for the good only. Education is not only for personal benefits but for society as a whole. All the sins of society and human beings can be coped up if we have a proper education system. It should not only be limited to school studies anymore but the overall development of mind and body also, then only it will serve its purpose in the most fruitful manner.

I strongly believe, education has only and only positive impacts but we all just need to understand how to channel it properly. Education makes us better people and helps us to have a better life. The darkness of our life goes away as education enlightens our world in so many ways. We all want changes in the world and education is the best way to bring changes in the world and make it as we all want it to be, a beautiful place to live.

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